I see each of my artworks as a unicum. Combining freestyle painting with the particular characteristics of textile structures fascinates me. Man and nature in the context of historical and social developments are the inspiration for my works. Complex subject matter and multi-faceted work processes take time and experience, and require peace and intellectual freedom to thrive…

“The artist creates her artful paintings using a wide variety techniques on and with fine silk velvet.
The resulting artworks are three-dimensionally structured paintings, with many facets that shimmer as the light strikes them. ‘Using this method, I am able to achieve novel and exciting effects with my images,’ says Bäck, who calls her particular technique ‘velvet painting’.”

Verena Kienast (art magazine „morgen“ 2014)


Lisa Bäck: Born in 1964, Bäck lives and works as a freelance artist in Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria. Daughter Hanna born in 1988, son Lukas born in 1993.

Since 1986 she has devoted herself to techniques of artistic expression, primarily in painting in combination with the special characteristics of textile structures, and developed her “velvet painting” technique. She does organizational work for cultural programs.

The versatile artist has a masterful understanding of how to coalesce painting with the special characteristics of textile structures. Her works are expressive and at the same time sensitive. Lisa Bäck’s development of a new style of artistic language bears her unmistakable hallmark.

Memberships: Berufsvereinigung bildender Künstler Ö, IG bildende Kunst, Wiener Neustädter Künstlervereinigung, Kulturvernetzung NÖ, Art-Austria



1992 Gars/Kamp, Biohotel Dungl
1998 Wiener Neustadt, Raiffeisen Regionalbank
2002 Bad Sauerbrunn, Galerie Stricker, “Homage to Theodor Storm”
2002 Wiener Neustadt, Karmeliterkirche, “Water”
2002 St. Pölten, Landesregierung Haus 2.1, “Art x 12”
2004 Vienna, Alte Schieberkammer, “Water”
2004 Italy, Desenzano del Garda, Galleria Civica Palazzo Todeschini, “The Female View of Things”
2005 Pitten, Wüster-Kunsthallen, Loftlinx, “Projections”
2005 Bad Fischau, Blau Gelbe Viertelsgalerie, “The Female View of Things”
2006 Wiener Neustadt, Galerie im Neukloster
2006 Wiener Neustadt, Immobiliencenter Sparkasse S-Real, “Sensuous”
2006 St. Pölten, NÖ Dokumentationszentrum für moderne Kunst, “Abstract”
2006 Vienna, Freyung, Palais Kinsky, “Economy and Art”
2007 Baden, Galerie im Turm
2008 Wiener Neustadt, St. Peter/Sperr, “Symbolic”
2008 Vienna, Galerie Time, “Dialogue”
2009 Salzburg, International Art Fair
2009 Linz, Ars Electronica Center, “Rolling Stars & Planets”
2009 Wiener Neustadt, St. Peter/Sperr, “Autumnal”
2009 Hungary, Szombathely, “Rolling Stars & Planets”
2009 Baden, Haus der Kunst, “Rolling Stars & Planets”
2010 Wiener Neustadt, St. Peter/Sperr, “Sensuous”
2010 Vienna, Galerie Artefakt, Strauchgasse 2, Palais Ferstl “On Silk Strands”
2010 Vienna, Messezentrum, “Living & Interior”
2010 France, Paris, Château Seigneurial de Villemomble, “European Dialogue”
2011 Wiener Neustadt, St. Peter/Sperr, “Encounter”
2012 Vienna, Schönbrunn Palace, Ehrenhof, “100 Years of the Professional Association of Fine Artists of Austria”
2013 Vienna, Diplomatische Akademie, “SYMFONY of WoMen’s SENSES”
2014 Wiener Neustadt, Flugmuseum Aviaticum, “Art meets Business and Politics”
2014 Wiener Neustadt, Stadtmuseum, “FEM-ART”
2016 Vienna, MuseumsQuartier, “100hoursofart” international art project
2017 Wiener Neustadt, St. Peter/Sperr, “re:form”
2017 NÖ Art “power.FRAUEN.power”

Works in private and public collections in Austria and abroad
Lower Austrian State Museum
City of Wiener Neustadt
Desenzano del Garda, Italy

2009 Nominated for the Liese Prokop Prize
2017 Winner of the label design competition “Kulturszene Sekt”